This group was set up in October 2012 in response to development proposals affecting Chiswick High Road.

The council was about to publish its draft proposals on the character and context of Chiswick, which would form part of future planning development guidance. We felt it was important to respond to this, and ensure that the council’s views reflected those of people living and working in Chiswick. We carried out a comprehensive questionnaire, and based our responses on the views we received. Our responses were substantially integrated into the draft Local Plan, and we propose to respond to this and other threats and opportunities to the High Road.

If you would like to be involved, please consider supporting – or joining – the group. It is your High Road.

We plan to work with existing amenity and neighbourhood groups and, most importantly, open a channel of communication with the London Borough of Hounslow, to ensure that the local authority is fully aware of the concerns of local residents, shoppers, businesses, working people, as regards ongoing and future building proposals.

CHRAG is part of the ‘G15+’ grouping of residents’ associations, which seeks to engage London Borough of Hounslow in constructive dialogue on the future of the borough.

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