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Chiswick High Road Action Group exists to keep an eye on these decisions, and call them to account where necessary. This takes time, dedication, patience, and a willingness to get involved:

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Monitor Planning Applications

It’s all too easy to complain about poor decisions made by the council that affect our local surroundings.

Stop complaining – start challenging planning decisions! It’s easy, but time consuming. We have a few members who actively monitor planning applications and bring the group’s attention to applications of concern. But they need your help.

Spotted a dodgy planning application? Use the Suggest Action button on the left side of our homepage!

Sometimes, all it takes to prevent poor decisions from being made is for you to respond to a planning application. Some applications even break Hounslow’s own guidelines, and it’s possible they can slip through the net. Especially those applications made by agencies on behalf of larger companies who are familiar with the process of planning, and know how to get things passed under the radar. Please use the above resource to start challenging such applications.

Get In Touch

Please contact us if you believe there is an issue we need to hear about and discuss.

The group sometimes runs stalls in the High Road to promote CHRAG and raise awareness of local issues. We really need your help in running stalls. We also sometimes need help marketing events such as the Independents Days held in other areas.

We cannot guarantee to respond to each email individually, but all emails are read by a member of the steering group.

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