Brentford Stadium – only a few days left to object

Only a few days left to have your say about a development the council wants to approve

The Lionel Road site is between Kew Bridge and Chiswick Roundabout. Unless you act now a scheme will be agreed that will transform your community beyond recognition for generations to come:

  • A new 20,000 seat football and rugby stadium that will be used year-round for sport and music concerts
  • 12 Tower blocks, 16 storeys high, almost 1,000 new flats, enabling developments to pay for the stadium
  • Density of flats three times higher than London planning guidelines
  • A 160 room hotel
  • No new roads, transport links, schools, medical facilities and minimal parking provision
  • Increased gridlock on Chiswick High Road, Kew Bridge, Brentford High Street
  • No plans to accommodate the potential mayhem this would cause on tubes and trains

Hounslow Council appear determined to put all this on one of the busiest junctions in London at the expense of residents in Brentford, Chiswick and Kew. In effect, we subsidise Brentford FC and its multi-millionaire owner, the Council waive planning rules that apply to the rest of us, and a property developer stands to make a fortune.


In all correspondence, quote Planning Ref. 00703/A/P11, make it FAO Shane Barker, INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS and briefly outline your objections:

  • EMAIL: and CC your MP
  • WRITE to Hounslow Council: Shane Baker, Planning Department, London Borough of Hounslow, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN
  • CONTACT your local councillor. You can find their details at or by phoning 020 8583 2000. Add them to your email – it’s their job to listen to you and they will be required to vote on the issue

Do not restrict objections to just one per household. Tell friends, neighbours, anyone who wants to protect our area for future generations.

Consultation ends October 28th. Act now.

Chiswick High Road Action Group - Brentford Stadium - Proposed Building

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