PARKING SURVEY: Chiswick in favour of 30 mins free parking, but other less obvious findings

Chiswick High Road Action Group carried out this survey during October and November to inform the group’s future activities and to provide feedback to Hounslow Council.

Main findings:

  • All respondents shop in Chiswick
  • 97% shop in the Chiswick High Road area more than once a week
  • 73% often or always walk to the shops
  • 25% cycle regularly to the shops
  • 67% rarely use the bus for shopping
  • 91% own or drive a car
  • 4% always use the car
  • 28% often use the car
  • 41% of car drivers regularly use parking bays
  • 52% of car drivers regularly park in Sainsbury’s
  • 79% are in favour of 30 minutes free parking
  • 64% would consider shopping more often if there were 30 mins free parking
  • 57% believe that 30 mins free parking would make them spend more money shopping

Chiswick High Road Action Group spokesperson Karen Liebreich said: “We found the results very interesting.

Although pretty well everyone in Chiswick is a driver, an astonishing – and healthy – 73% walk to the shops. Everyone likes the idea of free parking, but the result may be more complex.”

Another member of the group, Mat Smith said: “The issue may be availability of space, not the price.

It is possible that average parking times may increase, which may bias footfall towards certain types of shop. The decreased turnover of parking spaces may make it harder for drivers to find a parking space and could have the unintended consequence of decreasing footfall overall.

The health of our High Road area requires more support from shoppers and council.”

There were many interesting comments made by respondents, for example:

“It’s not parking but the selection of shops that is a deal breaker.”

“A greater variety/diversity of shops.”

“Improving traffic flows and reducing congestion would make the High Road more appealing, 30 minutes free parking would make things worse.”

“More cycling parking provision.”

“One car-free day per month.”

A detailed breakdown of results from the survey may be downloaded here.

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