CHRAG responds to public consultation on Empire House

June 2014

Rather than writing a formal response at this stage, CHRAG would like to express a series of “likes and dislikes” about the plans shown in Lend Lease’s public consultation which took place this week:

  1. We support the plan to improve the street level shop facades and environment
  2. We like the idea of improving the look of the tower, and will talk to Lend Lease about their approach
  3. We like the decision to limit balconies to West and East elevations (none South facing the Green) and to restrict them to lower stories. If all, or at least the upper balconies were recessed not extended this would improve the look.
  4. We like the proposed improvements to the Street scene of Elliott Road
  5. We like the idea of having the levels of buildings either side of the tower integrated into the tower since it will reduce the impact of the tower but are concerned that the 4th Floor on the West extension may detract from the adjacent listed Building?
  6. We like the green roof idea and think that this should remove the need for some or all of the balcony requirements
  7. We like removing the plant from the top of the tower since it reduces the mass of the building
  1. We dislike the 7 and 8 story blocks next to Sainsbury’s and believe these should be reduced to 3 or 4 storeys in keeping with current buildings and the narrow street
  2. We hate the outline corner building facing the Tube station. It is completely out of keeping with the surroundings and think the whole design needs rethinking. Perhaps something which reflects the building opposite would be a better target (the one in brick with the arches)
  3. We dislike the two penthouse floors which increase the mass of the tower and cancels and makes worse the benefit of plant removal. A smaller footprint extra floor would not be visible from ground level and would be acceptable
  4. Despite the lack of parking permits we are concerned at additional street parked evening cars that are likely to result from this development. Reducing the overall density of the development would mitigate this.
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