CHRAG Publishes Survey on Proposed Chiswick Tower Block

11th October 2014

Do you know about the proposed new 13 storey tower block development overlooking Turnham Green?

New apartments - add two penthouse storeys atop existing tower

New apartments – adding two penthouse storeys atop existing tower

7 and 8 storey blocks overlooking Turnham Green - rest of Chiswick High Road is 3 to 4 storeys

7 and 8 storey blocks overlooking Turnham Green – rest of Chiswick High Road is 3 to 4 storeys

Corner of Acton Lane near Chiswick Park Tube

CHRAG is currently working on its formal response to the Empire House / Essex Place development, which includes 137 new dwellings in the centre of Chiswick, which it believes is overly intensive and lacking in adequate amenity space and facilities.

In the meantime, if you feel the same way as CHRAG (i.e. not impressed!) then you can do two things.

  1. Take the survey to learn more and give your views:
    Take our 5 minute survey
  2. More importantly, send your personal objection to the Council. Here’s how:Make an objection

If you want to do even more, CHRAG would love your help. See below for more information.

More information

  • Deadline for objections to Hounslow Council: 25th October 2014
  • To view the planning application submitted to Hounslow, click here, accept the Hounslow T&Cs then search for application with planning number 00248/408-430/P1.
  • If you feel that dredging-through hundreds of pages of tedium to get the important facts (buried deep!) is too much, we don’t blame you. Take a look at the aspects that matter to us as local residents – click here
  • To view marketing information about this development by Lend Lease, the Australian investment firm who are proposing the scheme, click here

What else can I do?

  • Copy / paste this web link and send to your contacts – it’s our survey!
  • Speak to other locals, shopkeepers, etc. and rally the troops. You can always give them a link to this website to find out more:
  • Ask your friends to sign-up to our mailing list. We will be emailing again with details of our objection, and a further prompt to make your own. Please bandy this link around to your contacts too:


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