Object to High Rise Blocks in Chiswick Centre

Update: 18 Nov 2014

Deadline for objections to the council extended to 28 November 2014.

CHRAG urges you to send your objection to Hounslow Council.

How to object

  • Your objection needs to be entirely in your own words for it to carry weight. Hence we can’t give you a standard form.
  • Follow the steps below!
  • It’s important your email uses the word “OBJECTION” and states the planning reference clearly
  • It is important you state your full name and your home address at the bottom

Step 1

We can’t write the email for you. But we have pre-filled it with the TO address and subject (including planning reference):

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Step 2

Enter your name and address into the email. Very important that you do this.

Step 3

Now write your objection using your own words.

Feel free to take from our ideas below but please avoid copy/pasting them as this will detract from the weight of your objection.

Step 4

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CHRAG’s objection – executive summary

The Existing Tower

We object to the increase in the total floor area of the existing tower, notably the addition of external balconies and two additional stories of accommodation.

The Empire House Tower was built in 1961 as offices.  Government legislation makes it possible to convert offices to residential space under ‘permitted development’.  That does NOT mean that any sort of conversion should be allowed.  In this case, the addition of large protruding balconies from top to bottom of the building, the conversion of the frontage to a Manhattan style entrance and tower soaring directly from the pavement, the addition of two stories and the failure to add to amenity space, either for the new residents or for anyone else, is quite unacceptable.

The Residential Development of Essex Place Point 1

We object to the change of use of all this space to residential.  This is unnecessary and inappropriate for the location.

This part of the site should be retained as amenity space for residents of the Empire House tower block and adjoining wings and partly for the plant room proposed by Lend Lease. This will substantially improve the Essex Road street scene and allow safe use by pedestrians and cyclists.

The Residential development of Essex Place Point 2

In the event that some residential development is allowed on Essex Place, we strongly object to the density and height of the proposed development and the fact that it does nothing to add to the social infrastructure and amenity required to support sustainable residential development.

As a new build the development should be compatible with the Chiswick Character and Context Study and Local Plan 2015-2030. The scheme must respect the low-rise nature of Chiswick Town Centre outlined in these documents. The scheme should be comparable to other developments situated off the High Road at urban or suburban densities, restricted to a maximum of 4 stories and with appropriate amenity space especially garden space if town houses are to be built.

The Corner development

We find the existing design disappointing and out of keeping with the environment in which it is placed.  It should be reconsidered, reduced in height and made more in keeping with the surrounding buildings.

Affordable Housing

CHRAG believes the developer should make clear the mix of affordable housing planned for this development.  Local residents should be allowed to have a say on this scheme based on having access to this information. The quantity and location of affordable housing should be clearly specified and delineated in any scheme put forward for planning approval and should be encompassed within the proposed development.

External Materials and Aesthetic Design

We request that the design quality of all buildings is improved. CHRAG believes a good example of excellent design quality in a new build of this nature may be found over the border at St Peter’s Place. This development which overlooks the continuation of Chiswick High Road into King Street employs a good mix of shared and private space, an aesthetic in keeping with surrounding buildings, a mix of flat and pitched roofs, and recessed walls. This development avoids the mistake of creating townhouses with large square fronts as are proposed at Essex Place.

At street and lower floor levels on Chiswick High Road the materials should be compatible with the predominately Victorian buildings on either side.


Email didn’t work?

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TO: planning.objections@hounslow.gov.uk

SUBJECT: My objection to Planning Ref: 00248/408-430/P1

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