PictureHouse Cinema agrees to altering proposed opening hours

Following comments from the Chiswick High Road Action Group, PictureHouse Cinema agreed to altering the proposed opening hours.

The Chiswick High Road Action Group (CHRAG) welcomes, in principle, the proposal to convert the premises formerly occupied by the Ballet Rambert to a Picturehouse multi-screen cinema. We feel that this will be a positive addition to the leisure/cultural amentites of Chiswick.

We are pleased to note the proposals are for redevelopment of the existing buildings and are largely contained within the existing building envelope. Refurbishment of the traditional Victorian frontages at 96 and 98 and improvements to the frontage of 94 are positive design features. In design terms, we consider that the signage for the building will be very important and we note that this will be the subject of a separate application.
Aspects of the proposal on which CHRAG has concerns relate to the impact on residents in terms of noise/disturbance due to the proposed hours of operation and parking. As stated in the applicant’s Planning Report ” Chiswick town centre is characterised by the high number ofresidential properties in close proximity to the centre and its commercial uses.” This intimate residential/commercial mix contributes to the character and success of Chiswick town centre but the high residential element does impose certain constraints on commercial activities. We consider the proposal that the premises including the cafe/bars stay open until 1 or 1.30 am is inappropriate and unreasonable in this location, especially as one of the bars is located on a roof terrace. We request that earlier closing times be stipulated; we suggest that 23.30, Sunday to Thursday and 24.00 (midnight), Friday and Saturday might be more acceptable. In this context it is noted that the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith has the following closing times: Monday to Saturday, 23.00 and Sunday, 22.30.
As far as parking is concerned, we recommend that further analysis is carried out. The data in the Traffic Report appear to suggest that there is adequate spare capacity within the surrounding residential streets. The fact that the streets are within CPZs and that these operate from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 19.00 suggest high parking pressure, especially during business hours. Pay and display spaces restrict parking to two hours within these times and would not therefore be suitable for cinema clientele. In any case, we request that the company be required by Condition to actively encourage use of public transport in all its publicity and booking information, prior to and after opening. We would also ask that the company seek to provide an on-site disabled parking place.
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